Read the complete list of in-game rules (for the minecraft server).


Read the complete list of rules for the discord server here.


1. Respect all players.

Please be respectful in chat. Use English only.

Language or content which is considered discriminatory, bigoted or verbally abusive will not be tolerated.

Trolling and toxic or excessively inappropriate behaviour are not welcome.

Harmful scams of any sort arenot allowed. The prices on your shops are your responsibility. No refunds will be provided if somebody takes advantage of a mistake made on the price set by you.

Listen to staff members. Do not ignore staff or unnecessarily ask the same question to more than one staff member. Accept their decisions as final.
Please do not "minimod" (i.e. telling off another for breaking a rule).
This is acting as a staff member without the authority to do so.
Punishments will be carried out discreetly.

4. Do not intentionally cause lag or harm the server.

★ No lag machines.

★ No entity cramming.

★No intensive redstone builds or clocks (such as ilmango designs).

Listen to staff members. Do not ignore staff or unnecessarily ask the same question to more than one staff member. Accept their decisions as final.

2. No Griefing or Stealing

Vandalising a player's property will result in an immediate ban.

If this has happened to you, use /report to report it. You can ask a player with Senior rank to check who you need to report. If you can't, just use your username instead.
For example:
/report [you or the player the Senior tells you to report] [reason]
Another option is to open a support ticket on the Discord server to contact staff directly.

Trolling is the deliberate act of making unsolicited or controversial comments with the intention of provoking a reaction from another player. Trolling and showing a lack of intent to play on our server is not allowed.

5. Do not spam, advertise or impersonate others.

Spam is the exaggeration of characters or capital letters. E.g. This is spam:


This is not spam:

"AaaAahhHh! scary"

Advertising any content that isn't related to this server is not allowed. You are allowed to post links that are appropriate, that meet the rules and will not harm those who click it.

3. No Hacking or Exploits

Any client-side modifications that provide an unfair advantage over other players are strictly forbidden.

These include hacked clients (e.g. X-Rays, Flying, KillAura, etc.).

Optifine is allowed and Minimaps must not be used for underground layers.

Exploitation of any unintended bugs in-game is not allowed. Please report any to Staff when you discover them. Tricking others is not acceptable.

Taking advantage of one of these and not reporting it will lead to a ban.

Exploits include anything that does not clearly fit within the integrity of the game/server.

Major infractions of this rule will result in a ban without appeal.

Alternate accounts
You may only use an alternate account when you have provided the username to a Staff member. Alternate accounts must not be exploited (e.g. for gaining extra money).


3. No spam, advertising or scams. (Please see Rule 5 of "Server Rules").

1. Always be kind & civil - treat others as you would like to be treated.

2. No discriminatory, insulting, inappropriate or verbally abusive language or content.