Default rank.

You are able to access the Survival world only.

You can create chest shops, buy, sell and /pay other players.


Settlers have joined the Discord server and submitted their Minecraft username in the specified channel (#submit-mc-username). Please allow up to 12 hours for promotion to occur.


Seniors are active and supportive Settlers in the community. They are able to view block logs in order to help to report theft or grief.

These players have been generally helpful to others and have played for at least 15 active hours spread over at least 10 separate visits within 10 weeks.

The maximum amount of warnings allowed to become a Senior is 1.


This is the first Moderation rank.

Guides are moderators in training. They can help when no other moderators are available.


Moderators are official members of Staff who enforce rules and keep the server in order.


Please contact an admin if you have a problem with another member of Staff.