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Respect, Community, Enhancements, Performance.

Welcome to


Nations SMP
Est. 20th March 2020

CLOSING 1st NOV 2020.

Nations is a community-focused semi-vanilla survival minecraft server​.
Visitors can rank-up by joining the Discord server.

The Experience


                                Your opinion matters.
The community will always be consulted when necessary before any major game-changing additions or changes will be made. 

Est. 20/03/2020

Rich Features

Useful worlds, an online map, voting rewards and a player economy.

You can obtain new resources with a fresh resource world, vote or sell to earn money and design structures and contraptions in the creative world. You can even be paid by other players using /pay.


Grief and Theft are bannable offences.

Our rules spell out consequences for the player responsible. If you find yourself at the receiving end of this, what is taken can be recovered.

Chest protection.

Containers (chests, furnaces, etc.) are automatically protected when placed. There are simple commands which can be used to lock, unlock and add friends to your protections..

Smooth Performance

Server performance counts!
Nations is run on a powerful machine and is continuously optimized. The server is online 24/7 and we restart regularly to keep it in shape.

Respecting others

Try to keep it a good experience for others.

That way every player gains. There are rules that outline the details of this. Please take time to read them and follow them.


You can contact the server owner(s) directly here as an alternative to Discord.

A reply can be sent through in-game /mail or through email if that is what you prefer. You will receive an e-mail response if you include your e-mail address.

Thanks for submitting!

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